Thursday, March 20, 2008

Artist in Residence...

I am looking for possible artists to have come to our school. Each
year the Hamilton County Foundation offers a $1000 scholarship to one
school in our county, and it is our turn. This will be for first
semester next school year. Does anyone have names for me? I have K-12.
In the past we had artists from the Grand Island area, the closer
they live the less we spend on millage. We had Steph Hansen about 5
years ago and she was great!

I appreciate your help! Thanks,

Jean Regier
Giltner Public Schools


Bob said...

I would check with the Nebraska Arts Council. They have a list of artists at:
Liz Shea-McCoy is from Lincoln and is a printmaker. She is excellent! Bob, LPS

Bob said...

Above addy got cut off:

Anonymous said...

Nancy Fairbanks, from Grand Island, does a great job!! She teaches pottery . Your kiln will get a workout. :)

Marty said...

HI, this is Marty Skomal with the Nebraska Arts Council. I want to stress that the NAC has a roster of artists on our website ( all of these artists have been through a review process and while not every artist may be right for your situation, each artist has been reviewed by a panel to assure quality of artwork and ability to be successful in an educational setting. All disciplines are represented, i.e. visual art, music, dance, theatre, photography, media arts, etc. We also have a grant program to pay up to half of the costs associated with artist travel and fees. Unfortunately we are out of funds for this school year but will being taking applications in June for next school year. If you want more info, please do not hesitate to call or email me or Anne Alston, our Education Manager at 402.595-2122. Thanks!