Monday, March 17, 2008

On-line Book Talk...

I just ordered the new book from NAEA, The impact of early art experiences
on literacy development. Has anyone read it yet? Share your thoughts. Stephanie Carlson-Pruch, OPS.


Anonymous said...

The Impact of Early Art Experiences on Literacy Development

Kathy Danko-McGhee and Ruslan Slutsky present a compelling look at the link between children's artwork and literacy development in this easy-to-read, indispensable primer for parents and educators alike. By providing a range of art experiences and alternative ways to teach children critical thinking and visual perception skills, Danko-McGhee and Slutsky paint a vivid picture of the role that the visual arts play in early childhood development. The two examine the need for new thinking and a departure from traditional literacy exercises: "It is clear that a pedagogical shift must take place in our homes and schools if we are to meet the literacy needs of today's young learners. This requires thinking 'out of the box' and coming up with new ways to deal with an old problem." The Impact of Early Art Experiences on Literacy Development lays the foundation for rethinking the way that we engage young children in early literacy learning.
"Kathy Danko-McGhee and Ruslan Slutsky have opened up the definition of literacy, analyzing the many components of what literacy means at each of the recognized developmental stages for children aged 0 to third grade. The Impact of Early Art Experiences on Literacy Development shows, through vivid examples, how language arts skills and visual arts skills are intimately linked."

Cathy Weisman Topal
Studio Art Teacher: Smith College Campus School and Center for Early Childhood Education
Lecturer in Visual Arts Education: Department of Education and Child Study
Smith College, Northampton, MA

Orders for The Impact of Early Art Experiences on Literacy Development and other NAEA publications may also be placed by calling our toll-free number, 800-299-8321, or browsing NAEA Publications online:

Nonmembers - $29.00 plus S/H*
NAEA Members - $23.00 plus S/H*

*Shipping/handling for online orders includes a surcharge:
$2.50 for 1-5 books, $.50 per book over 5 books

Deb Goodenberger said...

I have this book and have really enjoyed it. I love critical thinking type of projects, which are sometimes hard to do with the little ones. This book is full of wonderful projects and the reasons why we should teach them. I highly recomend it.

Bob said...

The authors will be in New Orleans for a book signing. NAEA members Kathy Danko-McGhee and Ruslan Slutsky will sign copies of their new book, The Impact of Early Art Experiences on Literacy Development during the 2008 NAEA National Convention at the NAEA Bookstore located on the second floor, room 207, of the Convention Center Friday, March 28, from 12:00-2:00 pm. Bob, LPS