Monday, March 10, 2008

Parent/Teacher Conferences

How do you conduct Parent/Teacher Conferences? Do you have a portfolio,
show your assessment forms....Both? Also, do you give percentage grades
or letter grades? Love to hear your ideas!!!! Christine Brown


Bob said...

At my school, specialists are not scheduled into times; we are available for drop-ins. I probably get 10-15 families during the two nights we conference each fall and spring. I lay all sketchpads and folders as well as current work out on tables to make them ready to show families. In addition, I have my grade book available. In Lincoln Public Schools at the elementary level, we use a standards-based grading system (4=exceeds expectations, 3=meets expectations, 2=approaching but not meeting expectations, 1=does not meet expecations). Being accountable and reporting to families and administration is vital in this day and age! Bob, LPS

Jane said...

We don't see many parents, even after doing portfolios and laying out visuals, and even putting up a looping video in the hall.
So I reach parents in other ways. Each of my students' art work has 2" x 4" lesson synopsis glued onto the back. That way the information is timely and immediate while the child is still so excited about the project.EPS does a tri-fold curriculum card we pass out on curriculum night. We are looking at changing our report cards next year. They will still be ESBN (Excellent, Satisfactory, Beginning, and Needs Improvement), but they will also reflect grading based on the national art standards. This years deals with 4 grades on behavior (!) and 3 in art. See a problem there?
Next year we also start some district wide art assessments. That's going to be interesting and challenging, but we are gearing up!

Anonymous said...

Mine is similar to Bob's since we both teach in Lincoln. At my school I keep a portfolio of kids work and also I have my grading sheet available for concerned parents to see what and how I came to the conclusion of said grade. I also try to post art on our website as often as I can get it on so that parents can see what their child is doing and how it relates to his/her peers.