Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NDE Visual Art Representation

Since 2003, Nebraska has been without a Visual and Performing Arts Representative at the Department of Education. Many of you know Sheila Brown retired at that time. What impact has this made on arts education in your community? What impact do you see this has made on arts education in Nebraska?
Angie Fischer, OPS


Bob said...

The greatest impact I've seen was as YAM co-chair. Years ago when Sheila was the rep, she was able to do a lot of the work to make the YAM event go off well. The last few years, without a rep, we relied on other administrators to do the work for us. They did wonderful for us, however, with all the work they had to do, some items were overlooked. Bob, LPS

Bob said...

Keep in mind...there will be a new executive director of NDE hired in a few months. It will be key for the NATA to meet with this person and address the need that we have as an organization. Bob, LPS

Bob said...

Another thought...if art programs are being cut in districts around Nebraska, it is difficult to argue the importance of art programs with no representation at the state level. Bob, LPS