Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Project for Kindergarten?

Does anyone have any good ideas for an art project for very low
kindergarten class with multiple disabilities?

Please email Deb Kubik at kubikd@esu6.org


Anonymous said...

i have found that observations of nature and using the five senses are really good
springboards for art projects. use fingers to trace shapes in the air, then use
bodies to make shape "sculptures" with pairs or small groups. dance a line slowly
quickly. after using large motor skills, i often get better fine motor skills when
it's time to draw or paint or cut and glue.

put a little scented oil in the paint. try to stimulate all the senses before you
ask them to make art and you might find out new things about your kids, which will
give you better ways of reaching each one.

one of my students favorite lessons (all ages love this one) is "environmental art".
we go out on a nice day and sit near the landscaping rocks. we sort them and share
exciting finds, and they can create art on the sidewalk which we photograph and put
back, or we can rearrange the rocks in the rock beds. one beautiful black swirl of
rocks has been left undisturbed near our playground for two years now. our city
kids need time to dig in the dirt and look closely at the natural world, and they
don't get many opportunities to do the simple things that i took for granted as part
of growing up.

Julia Gilreath

Anonymous said...

Based off Henri Matisse, 'Beasts of the Sea' cut paper and painted
square in background (optional) maybe some pre-cut ocean shapes for
some students and create their own ocean scene. Combine with a book
about ocean stuff at the end and you should be set.
I like simple.

"sedlak meri"
plattsmouth schools

Anonymous said...

Mouse paint the book with paint daubers, like they used to use in BINGO games at
church bingo parlors. You can mix the colors by overlapping. I asked students with
disabilities to create a rainbow with the three Primary colors.

Karen Bertelsen
Omaha Public Schools
Beveridge Magnet School

Anonymous said...

An art project for low ability Kindergarten children would
be to read them books by Eric Carle, pointing out the way
that he creates his illustrations. Then have them finger
paint, focusing on textures. Adults can then help the
students cut the textures and make up animals for a book of
their own.

Teresa Kapperman
Guidance Counselor/Assessment Director
McCool Junction Public School