Friday, December 5, 2008

Lesson Plan Sharing

Share successful lesson plans.
Chris Brown


Anonymous said...

Sheila Hubbard used this kind of mat for the centerpieces at the NATA Fall Conference. Some participants were asking Sheila to write directions. I found this when searching for weaving
projects. Thought some others might like to see this.

Pat Schulz

Anonymous said...

We do a lot of writing in our classroom, Daily Journaling over artist's work, then for each artwork (problem) students wrtie a
PROPEL assessment which summarizes what they just completed.

Examples of PROPEL (adapted from Howard Gardner's - Project Zero Work)can be seen on our website:


Lance Wurst
Perkins County Schools

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the nylon & wire sculptures?
Old wire clothes hangers, 33cent knee his, old latex paint or glue mixture?
Charlene A -

Anonymous said...

i have a lesson good for middle school using drawing skills and american sign
language . just draw your hand showing each letter of your name. i then use the
drawings to teach color theory using analogous color scheme to fill in the signs and
complements of those colors to fill in backgrounds.

if this interests, let me know and i will send details and sample projects.

Julia Gilreath